How To Play

4D is a popular lottery in Singapore and Malaysia. It is a fixed odds game where the payout are based on the prize of the winning number. Individuals can play this game by choosing any number from 0000 to 9999. 23 sets of numbers will be randomly chosen each draw, every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, and selected Tuesdays for special draws.

4D jackpot is another type of game similar to 4D, individuals place a bet on two sets of 4D number. The winning prize is based on the prize tier of both the numbers placed by the individual.

4D Jackpot
Prize First Number Second Number
1st Match any 1,2,3 prize
2nd Match any 1,2,3 prize Match any special prize
3rd Match any 1,2,3 prize -
4th Match any special prize
5th Match any consolation prize